Thursday, July 23, 2009

Intelligent Vegetables - Enlightenment through Diet!

Does Simon ever talk to us bout the (mental) health issues we might have when on the lunchboxdiet???? (joking) I only ask, cos the veg have started talking to me. The fridge itself has become rather deafening to open - the little shouts and shrieks of EATME, EAT ME, when I open the door are getting louder and louder!!! (am talking bout 'The LunchBoxDiet' - Simon being the person who invented it, wrote the book, etc etc etc)

And as for that turnip - phew - everytime I shut my eyes I can see his little face looking up at me. (It's all because I am involved in a creative project right now that involves talking vegetables and I am incorporating the making of a lunchboxdiet box into it).

Seriously folks... have any of you also had your awareness heightened/shackles-hacked-off to the extent where you are now looking at vegetables/nuts/seeds/meat in a totally new way???

Apart from the veggie illuminations, I find myself looking at meat in a new way ... how lean is it, how many grams are in that tasty little piece, what would it like to be marinaded in. Yes, I would go so far as to say that the meat itself tells me EXACTLY how it would like to be approached/prepared/chopped and relished. Fab!!! More a case of me not preparing the lunchbox, but the lunchbox preparing me to prepare it!!!!!

Simon talks about the energy of the new Bootcamp he is planning 'blowing our mind'....(he mentioned it in one of his vids on youtube) well, if we allow it, we can remember that our minds are allready 'blown away', we have just forgotten!!! However, everytime I eat/prepare a lunchbox I am reminded.....

Am beginning to understand how 'other' foods have such a dampening effect on ones self! Anyway - gotta go, my box is (was going to write 'shouting', but should write 'singing' all the veg seems to be involved in singing a complicated sea shanty!!!) .... singing to me: 'eat me nowwwwwwwww'

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Coral Guest said...

These are vey cheeky veges. They must know that something wonderful will happen when Wendy eats them.

Fabuloso xxx Miss Coralie.